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Here you will find statistics showing how much productive forest land with high conservation values or probable conservation values has been notified for logging (planned to be clear-cut).


The natural heritage in the north


The Forest monitor (Skogsmonitor) is a unique online map service that brings together important data and map layers of valuable forest habitats in one place. It also presents a new comprehensive mapping of potential older forests and continuity forests (i.e. forests that have not undergone clear-cutting in the past). The map layers shows where there are, or could be, forests with high conservation values, but also social values and forests with large carbon stocks throughout Sweden. The mapping of older forest and continuity forest has different degrees of accuracy and probability, and we are constantly striving to refine, adjust, validate and update in order to increase precision and accuracy.


The web tool presented on this website aims to facilitate the work with international and national environmental targets and various types of nature conservation and climate initiatives. The map service creates better conditions for locating the forests that potentially contain the highest natural values, and the landscape sections where there are concentrations of potential older forests and continuity forests that may be or are forests with conservation values. This is the basis for functional landscape planning, something that helps managers of forests in their nature conservation work: individual forest owners, municipalities, forestry companies and authorities, etc.


But this is also a map for outdoor activities and recreation, and for anyone who wants to explore the natural heritage of the north and enjoy the beauty and diversity of Sweden's most natural and magnificent forests.


This is an open and free map service. No one has previously presented such a complete collection of open data on potential older forest and continuity forest that delimits forest stands with high conservation values, or where high conservation values are likely to be located.

Glimpses of the natural heritage in the north.


Photo: Jon Andersson

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